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Hello and Welcome to Better Batter Matters. My name is Prishila and I am a home baker based in Newcastle.  All my cakes are 100% handmade from scratch. All cakes and desserts are made to order, meaning they are baked fresh.   You will find no eggs, gelatine, animal derived food colourings, alcohol or shellac in any of my baked goods. Baking has always given me so much joy, especially when it puts a smile on the face of family and friends.  Now I would like to extend this same service online to the community.

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So why Better Batter Matters?

In the last 10 years I have been perfecting all my Vegan and Gluten free recipes due to friends and family having allergies/dietary requirements.  Due to their prompting, I have created Better Batter Matters.  My belief is that the batter is more important than a cake just looking good. So my goal is to make a dessert that not only looks good but tastes delicious as well.


I do offer organic and sugar free products at an extra cost.  I am happy to accommodate most dietary requests. Each product is made to order and steps are taken to prevent cross contamination.


I always strive to use high quality ingredients. As this is only a small home bakery, I will need 2 to 7 days minimum notice to ensure I have adequate stock and time to fulfil your order.

If you would like to receive a quote for a custom order, please click here.

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